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Proto Core (Patent Pending)

  • Housing for all the home's mechanical, plumbing and electrical sources
  • A major structural support offering Shear walls to the structure.
The Proto Core™ is a prefabricated centralized infrastructural silo that houses the guts and inner workings of the home; it is the engine of the house. In our efforts to build the most efficient homes, we saw that mechanical rooms and infrastructure chases had been underutilized in traditional home building, so we used the idea to serve as a foundation for all that this space could be. The core serves two main purposes: to corral the home's mechanical, plumbing and electrical sources, and also act as a major structural support. All plumbing, ducts, wires and hardware are exposed and easily accessible within the core for upgrades and repairs. Every room in the home backs into the core for a direct lifeline to its sources of plumbing and electricity. Prefabricating Proto Core in a factory offers the precision that your home's infrastructure deserves. This is a Proto Home™'s patented technology.
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