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All the functions of the house can be managed from an iPad or iPhone, from any place on Earth with internet access--the mark of a truly networked house.

Don't be surprised if your Proto Home™ tweets you at work that someone's just walked in the front door. It's THAT smart.

Our vision is to revolutionize housing. And our first step is for Proto Homes™ to make life easier. Check out a Proto Home, ask us questions--contact us for a tour.
We offer Proto Homes™ on two platforms:

"Proto" means first, foremost--and that's what we stand for. We are innovators on the forefront of our industry. Our innovative technology and design will reinvent the most important product in your life: Your Home.

For decades, the home-building industry has serviced clients individually, on a project by project basis. This process is lengthy, expensive and impractical for home buyers. Proto Homes™ aims to change this. We think that we can fill a void in the industry with our standardized, road-tested, feature packed, tech smart, innovative and well-recognized products. By "productizing" the home, we mean that we are delivering componentized, prefab homes that have been tested for reliability, simplicity, efficiency and modernity. In addition, we are making our homes accessible to a wider market by delivering them in a fixed amount of time and for a fixed cost.

How? By shifting the building paradigm - making the design process, production, and acquisition of a house more efficient. We work from the inside out and use our tested concepts and technology to define the form and function of each Proto House™. Our homes have a uniquely modern aesthetic and spatial quality. And we don't stop at the house, we also design products- from cabinets to home automation systems- in association with our homes to make the living experience optimal. We aim to be a single source company providing innovative modern prefab homes that are designed and built like products.

Why do we push so hard? Because we believe that your house should be as reliable as your car. We are starting a revolutio in the building industry-- tell everyone.

Smart  ::   Each Proto comes fully wired. And by "wired" we mean hooked up. Control your home's systems from an iPad, monitor your energy usage, or turn on your lights before you walk through the door. Your house should be at least as smart as your phone.
Smart Home Features
Sustainable  ::   Thanks to our patented technology and construction methods, building our prefab homes creates minimal waste. We also make sure that all of our products are extremely efficient, from their systems to their finishes and fixtures. At Proto, green isn't the's the norm.
Sustainable Home Features
Stylish  ::   Our products offer the independence and amenities of a single-family home with the modular flexibility of loft living. Call it Proto-"moderne"; minimal but warm, sleek but functional. All of our componentized, prefab homes contain Proto-design DNA, but they're waiting for your personal thumbprint.
Stylish Home Features
Built to Evolve  ::   At the center of each of our products is the Core--the central nervous system of the house. Once you own a Proto Home™, you can easily add new features. Proto Homes™ offers upgrade packages for your Proto products--like "apps" for your home. Of course, you're welcome to add your own.
Built to Evolve Home Features
Built to Evolve


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