Proto homes-Freedom3

Proto homes-Freedom2

Freedom plan Proto


$175 / sf

The platform that gives you the most Freedom to customize your home with the finishes (tiles, fixtures, wall coverings, floors) and appliances that you want. If you have a specific cabinet maker or interior designer that you want to work with, then this is the platform for you! Your home is finished to a level that allows your contractor to install the finishes of your choice.

Freedom +

$175 / sf

Upgrade options allow you to enhance the features you love

  • Dramatic Roof Line with Shaded Overhang
  • Ergonomic, Low-Profile Jeldwen Brand Windows
  • All-Glass Corner Window
  • Architectural Steel Cladding with Multiple Color Options
  • Dramatic Proto Architectural Profile Shapes & Projections
  • Exterior Multi-Color Architectural Accents
  • Silent Singular Panel flush garage door
  • All-Glass Modern Staircase Railings
  • Recessed Designer Lighting Fixture Upgrade

Proto homes-Essence4

Proto homes-Essence3

Proto homes-Essence2

Proto Homes Essence2


$225 / sf

Far from a basic home, our Essence platform gives you everything you need to move into your home and more. We take care of every last detail and present easy design choices for all finishes, fixtures and appliances. We even include the latest tech and SmartHome innovations on the market. It’s all included for a hassle free experience.

Essence +

$195 / sf

  • Architectural Steel Cladding with Multiple Color Options
  • Dramatic Proto Architectural Profile Shapes & Projections
  • Exterior Multi-Color Architectural Accents
  • Silent Singular Panel flush garage door

Upgraded Kitchen

  • European Appliances 
  • High-End Fixtures
  • Designer Cabinetry with Quartz Countertops

Upgraded Bathrooms

  • Designer Vanities
  • Choice of Roman style bath or low profile glass enclosed shower
  • High-End Fixtures

Proto Homes Premium2

Proto homes-Premium2

Proto homes-Premium


$300 / sf

Premium, our top of the line home is in a league of its own in every way. Like Essence, this is a ready to move in home product that gives you everything you need but with a level of finish for those who want to have the best of everything. With the most advanced integrated technology, this platform is more than a luxury home; it is superior to anything else in the market. We include every Superior Detail and Technology offered by Proto Homes™ including the highest level of fixtures, luxury finishing and high-end appliances.

Premium +

$260 / sf

  • Covered Passage Entryway (portico)
  • Proto Designed Steel Architectural Fence
  • Fully retractable, large opening rear sliding door from Panoramic
  • Double Kitchen Oven

200sq ft Add. Exterior Living Space

  • Apple Home Kit
  • Control 4

Featured Plans

With over 200+ plan combinations to choose from, we customize each design to suit your development needs. Below are a sampling of our most popular floorplans.


The total value of a home is not at purchase.
It is realized within the process & within the success of its outcome.
Choose a platform that best fits your budget, then use our price calculator to determine the cost of your new home.


The price of your new home is determined by the platform which you select, which corresponds to your desired level of finish. We can build you any one of our featured floor plans no matter which platform you select. For pricing on projects that are below 2.000 square feet please contact us

Different properties affect the price of permits, site preparation and building. Use our guides below to determine your approximate site costs.

Lot Complexity Guidelines

Site costs include things like:

  • Demolition & Site Prep
  • Permit, Clearance and Processing Fees
  • Consultant Fees
  • Site Contractor Work
  • Utility Service Installation

Use the guide below to choose a level of complexity that most closely matches your property.

  • Flat lot/ simple demolition
  • Minimal city clearances (local jurisdiction)
  • Existing utility infrastructure
  • Simple landscape design
  • Slightly sloping lot / demolition of structure
  • Average  city fees and clearances
  • Need to upgrade certain utilities
  • Complexity of landscape design
$100,000 +
  • Hillside lot
  • Complex demolition process
  • Complicated permit process, multiple reviews
  • No existing utility connection
  • Elaborate landscape design

*Prices reflect estimates that may change due to certain factors