Home Building, Simplified

Home Building,



Days to complete

The complete foundation to finished exterior of Proto Homes are built using intelligent components in only 7 weeks. Using a patented system-built approach, Proto Homes are assembled with industry-tested, quality materials in half the time and up to half the cost of traditional builds.

Built to Design

A home tailored to you

Our entirely new approach to home construction removes the hassle, risk and much of the time and cost. Proto Homes’ precise construction and proprietary technologies make your finish installation even easier.

Now it’s up to you. You are free to customize your home’s interior to fit your individual taste, budget and lifestyle. We can help connect you with our Proto-Recommended Professionals, or you may select your own designer, vendor or installer to help you customize and finish your home’s interior.

Built to Evolve

Homes that grow with you

At the heart of every home is the industry first Proto Core™ containing all the key functions of the home, from HVAC, to electrical, to plumbing all in one centralized place, conveniently accessed from the outside. Future upgrades and maintenance are effortless.

The exterior of every Proto Home is designed with interchangeable components making material and aesthetic upgrades far easier, faster and cost effective than traditional builds.

Our proprietary Balloon Framing™ enables interior floors to be easily reconfigured in the future without having to knock down and rebuild any exterior walls – another limitation of traditional builds.

Built to Last

Future-proof your home

All components are factory built in Los Angeles, utilizing precision manufacturing and the highest quality building materials that remain uncompromised due to weather.

Little material waste and maximum efficiency results in lower building costs and future maintenance versus traditional builds.

The Smartest Home
on the Block

Every key element of your home is accessed, monitored, maintained and upgraded through our proprietary central Proto Core™

Technology is part of almost every infrastructural element of a modern home providing convenience and a house that is more sustainable and cost-efficient. Temperature control, security, entertainment, electric, water distribution are just a few made more efficient and powerful through the Proto Core™. It is the control center of a Proto Home. To access anything, from heating to plumbing to the CPU that controls your smart home operating system, you can do so by opening a door and walking inside.

The Proto App gives you access to all key details of your home and shortly will automate all service and maintenance, allowing you to operate all of your home’s smart functions from your phone.

It’s that smart.

A few shots from our gallery
Proto Homes - from the outside in.

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