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Uncertainties and the resulting cost and time overruns are typical problems in the construction industry. Additionally, homebuyers and developers encounter infinite number of issues and choices, causing undue stress.

We take the guesswork out of pricing and quality, by standardizing the house components as well as the process. Our homes are system-built using a variety of patented components that allow for personal customization, at an exceptional price. We utilize state of the art and upgradable technologies that are backed by our best customer service.

Stairway of Architect Frank Vafaee Proto Homes on Maryland Street in Los Angeles, CA
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Our Company

House Re-Envisioned

Founded in 2009 by Frank Vafaee, Proto Homes is made up of architects, engineers and contractors with a shared vision of reinventing the antiquated approach of the homebuilding industry. Developers use our products to maximize their efficiency and protect their margins. Homebuyers focus on the quality, simplicity of purchase, ease of process and transparency of pricing.

Proto Homes’ first prototype was built in 2011, in Los Angeles. Since then, we have been experiencing an ever-growing demand for our products. Our brand is well known in the prefab industry our products are being used in the home development marketplace. After 8 years of R&D and over 5 years of success in the marketplace, Proto Homes is ready for its next phase of expansion.

Our Technology


Our patented technology, Hyperspace+Core™, is the essence of all of Proto Homes’ products and sets us apart from all other prefab companies and homebuilders. Our patented ProtoCore™ is the utility engine of the house that can monitor, meter and drive the house automation and infrastructural systems. The Hyperspace™ is our prefabricated building envelope. Our proprietary prefab system cuts the site construction time and reduces the cost by 50% due to its fully integrated componentized process.  This lends itself to a variety of architectural styles and different spatial experiences. We design and build our homes using parametric prefab components. Hyperspace+Core™ offers a new approach and methodology for design and construction.

The essence of Proto Homes’ products, which sets us apart from all other homebuilders and prefab companies is the patented technology, Hyperspace+Core™.

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Our Team

All of our exceptional team members represent the spirit of Proto Homes
and work hard towards realizing our shared vision.


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