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Our Mission

We empower home builders and owners with an innovative home building system that is predictable, fast, easy and transparent.

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Our Company

Founded in 2009 by Frank Vafaee, Proto Homes is comprised of architects, engineers and contractors with a shared vision of reinventing the antiquated approach of the homebuilding industry.

Proto Homes’ first prototype was built in 2011, in Los Angeles. Since then, we have been experiencing an ever-growing demand for our products. We’ve built over 50 homes in California, designing and manufacturing all components at our factory in Downtown LA.


Proto Homes is rewriting the narrative of the modern house. The current home production process is unnecessarily antiquated, inefficient and inflexible. We chose not to accept age old paradigms around the affordability, limitations and risk associated with home building.

Proto creates smart homes that evolve with you, not static monuments. Henry Ford changed the car production process, and in doing so ushered in an era of accessibility, quality and efficiency for the automotive industry. Proto looks to do the same but is driven by introducing an unprecedented level of customization, transparency and flexibility for home builders. Custom homes that are more affordable, easier to maintain, and to upgrade, homes that are as dynamic as the people who live in them.

In short, we want to bring joy back to custom home building and a home that will adapt to perfectly reflect the people who live within them.

Welcome to Proto Homes.


Our Team

All of our exceptional team members represent the spirit of Proto Homes
and work hard towards realizing our shared vision.


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We constantly explore the best technologies on the market and partner with those who align with our philosophy and vision

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