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We bring an advanced global supply chain to a platform that enables you to produce and manage homebuilding.

The PROTO PLATFORM provides everything you need to build a new home, from the planning and design stages to the permitting process to the building materials and components, as well as easy-to-follow assembly instructions and post-occupancy services.

The PROTO PLATFORM simplifies every step of the homebuilding process, from initial design and construction to post-occupancy monitoring and maintenance, and it is accessible directly through the PROTO APP.

Homes created through the PROTO PLATFORM are assembled on site using a set of easy-to-install smart components, eliminating the need for highly-specialized subcontractors.

This revolutionary approach streamlines the home building process while still allowing for maximum design flexibility, avoiding the limitations common to other modular and prefab home building solutions.


For one set price, the PROTO PLATFORM supplies and supports every project at the five key points of its lifecycle — Design, Permitting, FACTORS™, Assembly, and Post-Occupancy.


Each structure built through the PROTO PLATFORM is individually designed using our proprietary components and algorithm. All structural and MEP engineering is included, as well as submittal sets for permitting. Our in-house architects and engineers are available to guide you through this process, and we can also provide referrals should your project require any other building professionals or consultants.


Once the design for your new project is set, we will provide all of the necessary engineering and permitting documents. Any corrections or revisions to our documents that may be required by your local building and safety department will be addressed by us at no additional cost. And should you need help generating site-specific plans and documents not supported by the PROTO PLATFORM — e.g., survey, landscape plans, soil reports, civil engineering, etc. — we can recommend building professionals who can help.


After the building permit is obtained, all of the necessary components and building materials for your new PROTO HOME will be sourced from our Southern California factory and fulfillment center in downtown Los Angeles. 

The components and building materials for your project are organized into groupings we call FACTORS™. These FACTORS are at the center of the PROTO PLATFORM and consist of a selection of 130 standard and proprietary PROTO components, 35 project-specific parametric components and 450 carefully curated building materials.

Every PROTO HOME is divided into 34 FACTORS, and each FACTOR corresponds to a specific step in the building process.

The FACTORS are indexed to the construction process and numbered accordingly, e.g. FACTOR 2 will contain all of the materials necessary for building the foundation, FACTOR 3 will enable you to complete the concrete slab, FACTOR 8 will cover all of the interior walls and ceilings, and so on.  

Manage Your Projects Easier

Each FACTOR is then divided into stages in order to make projects more manageable on site and assembly more precise. At every stage, we provide the corresponding components and building materials along with detailed drawings, specs, and assembly instructions. Every individual item in every FACTOR is also tagged with a unique QR code, making each item easy to identify, track, and install via the PROTO APP’s QR scanner. 

NOTE: the PROTO PLATFORM does not provide any components, products, or services for interior finishes or site work.

To learn more about FACTORS™ download the PROTO APP for iPhone or Android.


Within two weeks after the building site is cleared, all required permits are pulled and you’re ready to build, FACTOR 1 will arrive on site. All subsequent FACTORS and stages will be shipped to you according to a delivery schedule set by you, ensuring that your building materials arrive as needed rather than all at once, minimizing the risk of loss or damage and eliminating the need for long-term or inclement weather storage solutions. 

Each shipment will include every component and building material necessary for that stage of construction, down to the last roll of tape, allowing you and your crew to focus on building rather than procurement.


The PROTO APP will guide you through the entire building process step-by-step, simplifying project management, and assembly through its BUILD tool. Schedule and track all FACTOR deliveries, catalog every component and building material that arrives on site using the QR scanner, and access an easy-to-navigate, interactive 3D model of your building along with detailed assembly instructions all within the PROTO APP.

The PROTO APP will also serve as a comprehensive information library for your build capable of providing up-to-the-second snapshots of the project’s progress, including what comes next and what remains to be done.

Download the PROTO APP for iPhone or Android.


Once the project is complete, the PROTO PLATFORM will serve as the home’s central information hub. Through the PROTO APP, you will always be able to easily access all of the construction details and specs as well as catalog any upgrades, modifications, or significant events that might impact the house through the years. The PROTO APP offers 24/7 tech support from day one and will remind homeowners of any upcoming maintenance milestones while providing a simple, intuitive interface for controlling all of the smart features of your new home.


Should you ever decide to sell your PROTO HOME, the PROTO APP will be able to provide potential buyers with a clear picture of the history of the home, including its features and any other pertinent information, giving them a level of transparency and confidence they’ll be unlikely to find with other listings.

After you sell your PROTO HOME, you can easily transfer access to the PROTO APP to the new owners so they, too, will be able to enjoy the full benefits, services, and features of their new PROTO HOME.

Download the PROTO APP for iPhone or Android.

With the PROTO PLATFORM, you can easily work with our architects to design and customize new projects.
Use the PROTO APP to:
  • Manage the design and permitting process.
  • Track production and shipment of all building materials and prefabricated components down to the last roll of tape and wire nut.
  • Access all project management information, including assembly instructions, plans and specs.
  • Monitor and manage the home post-occupancy, including assistance with maintenance and access to all smart home functionalities.
  • Transfer home details and any data collected throughout the lifecycle of the home to new owners in the event of a sale.

For a fixed price your project will receive all the following


Floor plans, elevations, sections, MEP design, structural engineering plans.


A&E plans and calculations for Building & Safety plan check. 

Depending on your local jurisdiction you may be required to provide certain site-related documents that are not supported by the PROTO PLATFORM. We will identify such requirements, if any, during the PROTO PASS process.


Everything you need to construct your building — including foundation, framing, steel structure, infrastructure, waterproofing, windows, exterior cladding, and smart home technology — is pulled from a set of 130 standard and proprietary PROTO components and 35 types of project-specific and parametric PROTO components manufactured at our factory in downtown Los Angeles. 

Each of these smart components is tagged with its own unique QR code (accessible via the PROTO APP) containing all of the information you’ll need to track, identify, and assemble the component on site.


Besides prefabricated components, all other necessary building materials, including slab waterproofing, temporary bracing, wire nuts, staples, and subfloor glue, etc. are also included. These materials are similarly individually tagged with a unique QR code.

NOTE: The PROTO PLATFORM does not provide any components for interior finishes or site work.

The PROTO APP is your key to the PROTO PLATFORM, unlocking full access to:

A simple way to manage all of your project’s FACTORS, directly through the PROTO APP. FACTORS are the PROTO PLATFORM’s groupings of the specific smart components and other building materials you’ll need for every stage of your build.

The PROTO APP makes it easy to schedule and track FACTOR deliveries at your convenience. Once a FACTOR arrives on site, the PROTO APP’s QR scanner enables you to quickly catalog each item in the shipment and access its assembly instructions.



Easy-to-follow instructions for assembling the entire building step-by-step, accessible via the PROTO APP’s QR scanner and the unique QR codes assigned to every smart component and building material needed for your build. 


An interactive, fully-explodable, live 3D model of your project that gives you a detailed, comprehensive picture of every aspect of your building.


24/7 tech support from day one, as well as smart home controls and an easy-to-access information library containing all original data and any pertinent information, e.g., usage, maintenance, modifications, etc., that might accumulate throughout the lifecycle of the home. 


We will connect you to general contractors associated with our PROTO AFFILIATE program to help with assembly as needed. And if your builder is not a PREFERRED PROTO BUILDER or associated with our PROTO AFFILIATE program, we can offer onsite training as well.


Onsite training is available for builders and developers. We also offer online training for PROTO AFFILIATES.

Download the PROTO APP for iPhone or Android.



Our team is available to guide you through the PROTO process and answer any questions you may have. The best way to learn about the PROTO PLATFORM is to download the PROTO APP, explore a sample project and connect with our staff.

Download the PROTO APP

The best way to get to know the PROTO PLATFORM is through the PROTO APP. There you will find everything you need to know about our process, our prices and our products, including a sample project. Interested in learning more? Use the app to connect with our team.

Download the PROTO APP for iPhone or Android.



This is the first step toward building your PROTO HOME. It is also a way of kicking the tires on the PROTO process before the big commitment. The PROTO PASS gives you access to the full support of the PROTO team as you plan your build — from site and zoning questions to help designing your dream project. Should you choose to proceed, the PROTO PASS fee will be fully credited toward the cost of your final build.

Download the PROTO APP for iPhone or Android.