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The most profitable and predictable way to build today

Proto Homes combines a proven patented system-built approach with easy-to-use design, delivery, and assembly software. Developers can now construct a quality single-family home or multi-family structure in half the time and up to half the cost with a level of predictability and transparency not possible with current building methods.

System-Built Reduces Risk

Traditional construction is often constrained by skilled labor shortages, while Proto requires only assembly labor. We pre-build industry standard and known materials in our factory and transport them to site in phases. Every component is QR coded to ensure worry-free tracking and easy to follow instructions. A crew of five can assemble a Proto home in only 48 working days.

A Proto home reduces market risk - less time to build means less time your project is unnecessarily exposed to fluctuations in the real estate and financial markets.


All material is cut and manufactured with precision, eliminating costly material waste. Labor cost is mitigated due to faster build times and utilizing only assembly labor. Interest carrying costs are reduced due to an 8 versus 15 month build time. Lower cost and reduced time per project enables you to build more projects more profitably than current methods.


Our system-built approach and accompanying software is designed for custom floor plans and layouts and can easily accommodate narrow and hard to access lots. The Proto system is ideal for single-family, multi-family, and ADU projects.

Components require no more than a four-foot wide easement - no heavy cranes or equipment needed. The accompanying design software utilizes flexible components to maximize lot square footage - perfect for urban environments.

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