For Homeowners

Modern in Every Way

Our system-built approach enables your custom modern home to be built in approximately seven months - 50% less time and 30-50% less cost than traditional builds. Use the savings towards finishes, upgrades or simply save it – it’s up to you.

Move in Faster

In strict adherence to your custom design, Proto uses quality, industry standard components which are cut to precision in our factory. No delays due to skilled labor reliance or change orders. Each component is QR coded and with our simple assembly instructions, it only takes a crew of 5 Proto assemblers 48 working days to complete. Everything primed and ready for your interior finish out.

Lower Maintenance and Unparalleled Convenience

In almost every traditional build the central electric, plumbing, HVAC, and smart functions are separated and spread out throughout the home. This is inefficient in the build and subsequently forces you to maintain and access all these systems separately. We have brought all of these into one unit, the Proto Core™. To access anything, from heating to plumbing to the CPU that controls your smart home operating system, simply access the exterior door of the Core eliminating the need for repair workers to enter your home.

Smart from Beginning to End

We utilize software to efficiently translate custom plans into precisely engineered building materials and to provide you with unparalleled visibility into the build. Our Proto App provides access to all key details of the home and shortly it will automate all service and maintenance, allowing you to operate all the home’s smart functions from your phone.

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