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Make the Shift to the Ever-Growing Prefab Market.

Traditional construction methods are often unpredictable, making the build process more difficult. With our system-built approach, you can provide your clients an option that delivers high-quality structures in as little as half the time and up to 50% less cost than traditional construction.

Expand Your Market

Together we can revolutionize the building industry by informing clients about the latest trends in modern construction methods. By adding Proto's system-built process to your client offerings, you expand your expertise in the industry via our Proto Affiliate program ultimately increasing your market potential.

Avoid Home-Selling Delays

Our patented system-built approach allows projects to go from concept to completion in only seven months. Our system is fully customized to tailor to your clients specific needs, and our design, delivery, and assembly process ensures your clients can swiftly move through the entire building process with ease and confidence. As both cost and time efficient, the Proto system reduces market and financial risks that could affect your client.

New Business Opportunities

Your homeowner and developer clients now have an option that is more economically feasible and less risky than other methods. Our system-built approach reduces cost by up to 50% and build time by 50% enabling clients who may have thought a custom home or project was not an option to now pursue with new economic viability and flexibility.

The Home of the Future.

Premium products for your homeowner or developer clients designed for maximum flexibility and customization.


Faster than traditional builds


Less cost than traditional builds

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