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Getting To Know Proto

Proto prefabricated homes are changing the housing industry for good. The costly and time-consuming methods used for traditionally built homes are now being displaced by sophisticated manufacturing solutions that streamline the home building process. Please join us at one of our Get to Know Proto events, hosted in downtown Los Angeles, to learn about how we are changing the construction industry with our modern prefab homes.

Maximize Your Profits With Prefabricated Homes

Our Get to Know Proto events are intimate gatherings or webinars designed to provide interested customers with all of the information they need to make an informed decision when buying a prefabricated home. Event attendees will discover that our advanced building methods have turned the complicated process of constructing a new home into a highly efficient and remarkably affordable process.

We Are Taking Prefabricated Homes to a Whole New Level

Our event is an opportunity to share how our industry first method of construction and assembly enables us to build in half the time and up to half the costs of traditional builds. All of our homes are built with industry standard materials that can be easily assembled on the build site with a crew of 5 in only 48 working days.

Learn How the Latest Building Techniques Have Evolved

Attendees at one of our Get to Know Proto events will learn how modern prefab homes can be completely customized to suit their every need. If you have been searching for a custom home that comes with all of the custom features and modern conveniences found in a high-tech smart home, then join us at our next Proto Homes workshop to learn more. You can also contact us at to have all of your questions answered.

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