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Modernizing Home Construction Technology

Home-building remains one of the least evolved industries. For thousands of years, raw materials have been delivered to the construction site, requiring specialized technicians to configure and build structural, architectural and infrastructural systems on location. The result has been an unpredictable, lengthy and expensive process with many moving parts.

Our revolutionary construction technology removes all these barriers, reinventing how homes are built and redefining what it means to be prefab.

Proto Homes Are

  • Built in just 48 days
  • Not limited to pre-selected interior finishes
  • Not constrained by the size of delivery trucks
  • Not limited by the height of their open spaces
  • Made without the need for bulky cranes and trucks

Our Technology

Integrated Component Based Construction™ (ICBC)™

We don’t build with raw materials at the site, we build with smart, precise factory-built components. We provide comprehensive assembly instructions for installers – replacing confusing blueprints with easy-to-follow instructions and components.

Our easily assembled components and instructions address the most labor-intensive and skill-based aspects of the building:

  • The foundation & slab layout and installation
  • The entire structural & architectural framing
  • The entire infrastructural systems
  • The entire waterproofing & cladding system

ICBC is more accurate and 100% faster than traditional construction while reducing the labor availability and time constraints associated with specialty subcontractors.


We do not view the house as a collection of rooms. We think of a home as an ever-changing, life-encompassing space. We call it Hyperspace.

Like a loft, interior partitions, stairs and other elements may be removed and modified making interior alterations easy and cost-effective. Hyperspace, with its balloon framing, also offers more structural stability, translating to a safer home better equipped to handle the seismic activity.

Proto Core™

A platform for innovation

To modernize your home, minimize maintenance and allow for easy upgrades, we developed the Proto Core™. Easily accessible from the outside, this is the centralized factory-made engine of our homes. The Proto Core™ houses all the key functions of the house:

  • The HVAC system including furnace, coil, condenser, distribution plenums and exhaust fans.
  • The electrical distribution system, all switches, transformers, electrical panels, low voltage infrastructural system, built-in smart house technology and security system.
  • Entire water, gray water, sewer & gas distribution systems, including valves, toilets, water heater, water filtration, expansion tank, fire sprinkler riser, roof drain collection system and distribution.
  • Easy to connect entry point for water, gas, phone, cable, satellite, as well as discharge point for sewer, gray water and roof drain.

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