We have created the world’s first technology-driven building platform

The PROTO PLATFORM is an innovative global supply chain powered by PROTO’s revolutionary Integrated Component Based Construction (ICBC) technology and easily accessible via the PROTO APP.

By using a fixed set of standard components and preconfigured assembly protocols, the PROTO PLATFORM offers a predictable, efficient, and scalable production solution to contemporary homebuilding.

This is a new paradigm for homebuilding:
Construction before design.


In the traditional homebuilding industry construction concerns are tackled after completion of design. As a result, the significant practical realities that govern production, e.g., material specs and procurement, construction details and procedures, process mapping and sourcing, etc., are typically treated as afterthoughts.

This approach can be both unpredictable and inefficient, which is why traditional construction projects are so often plagued by delays and skyrocketing costs

The PROTO PLATFORM inverts the traditional homebuilding process. By using a fixed set of standard components and preconfigured assembly protocols, the PROTO PLATFORM offers a predictable, efficient, and scalable production solution to contemporary homebuilding.


Proto Platform, Powered by Integrated Component Based Technology ™ (ICBC™), is accessible through the Proto App, and it:

  • Expedites the design process while still allowing for maximum flexibility and customization.
  • Automates the production of permit sets, instructions, and construction documents.
  • Reduces construction timelines while making the process significantly more predictable.
  • Minimizes construction defects and maximizes consistency and quality.
Think of ICBC as something like a Lego set.

Our 130 standard and proprietary PROTO components, 35 project-specific parametric components, and 450 carefully curated building materials are the Lego bricks. The algorithmic design is the plan and the plan’s assembly instructions (unique to the specs of each individual project) provide the process map and procedures for the construction of the build.  We have transformed homebuilding construction into a simple assembly process.

Below, are some of the ICBC™ Components

Like Legos, the PROTO PLATFORM’s building blocks are prefabricated and ready-to-install, opening the door to endless design possibilities and plans. And because we only design with this set of proprietary building blocks in mind, your project is much easier to predict, manage, and assemble on site, no matter the scale. Below are only some of the many Proto’s proprietary smart components. 

Now ask yourself, would you rather build with a Lego set or Play-Doh?


With Proto’s Grid Template building and trenching layout do not require measuring or highly skilled technicians. The component offers the most accurate method of project layout without using any surveying or measuring tools.

Rebar Ladder™

Rebar Ladders are prefabricated, preconfigured, ready to install rebar assemblies that eliminate the critical task of formwork, layout, and detailing at the site.  Simply place and pour.


Super Sill automates your wall, column, beam, structural hardware, and MEP layout.  It simply represents the house DNA. It reduces the skillset required to get a project out of the grounds.


A Prefabricated 4’-0” / 2’-0” wide wall sections.  They are light and super easy to install.  Simply scan them and follow the instructions.


A proprietary Prefabricated top wall plate preassembled with joist hangers and other structural hardware.


A proprietary prefabricated architectural projection.  Welded aluminum sections with PVC cladding are easy to install and do not require maintenance.


We have re-envisioned various infrastructural elements of the house as ONE networked system. The system is made out of composite nodes.  Each Node serves combined MEP functions.  The Nodes are easy to install and eliminates the need for plumbing layout.


Prefabricated & preconfigured electrical, plumbing and HVAC distribution system.

It is predesignated to receive connections from various points of use (Nodes).


Prefabricated & preconfigured electrical, plumbing, and HVAC point of use system.

They are preconfigured to connect to the PROTO CORE.